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CIMC Vehicles (Group) Co., Ltd.??is the world’s leader in sophisticated manufacturing of semi-trailers and specialty vehicles. Since the Company entered the industry in 2002, it has focused on its business and technical advantages developed from “dedication and innovation.” According to the 2021 Global OEM Ranking List by Global Trailer, the Group ranked first for 10 years consecutively running in terms of production volume. In 2021, According to the actual operational and strategic management needs, the Company has established six major businesses or groups: “Light Tower Pioneer Business”, “North American Business”, “European Business”, “Champion Tanker Business Group”, “Urban Dump Truck Business” and “TB Business Group”, so as to remove barriers in operation and achieve the linkage between production and sales and the maximization of benefits.

The Company engages in the manufacture, sales and after-sales market services of seven major categories of semi-trailers in global major markets. Light Tower Pioneer Business is deeply engaged in semi-trailer products in the Chinese market, and operates well-known brands including “Tonghua (通華)”, “Huajun (華駿)”, “Liangshan Dongyue (梁山東岳)”, “Pioneer Series (先鋒系列)”, “CIMC Light Tower (中集燈塔)” and “Vanguard Trailer Rental (掛車幫).” Light Tower Pioneer Business had its semi-trailer market share in China continuously increased and ranked first in China for the third year in a row. North American Business consists of van trailer, refrigerated trailer and container chassis trailer businesses, and operates well-known local brands including “Vanguard” and “CIE” in the North American market. With a good product reputation and rapid business development, North American Business won long-term trust and recognition from major North American customers. European Business is deeply engaged in semi-trailer products in the European market and operates “SDC” and “LAG” brands. SDC continuously increases its market share in the United Kingdom by upgrading its production lines and promoting the modular design of products. LAG, an over 70-year-old company ranking first in the European tank truck market, has a good reputation in the European market, with its higher commercial value, fuel saving, low weight and low strength ratio.

In addition, the Company is also a leader in the sophisticated manufacturing for truck bodies of specialty vehicles and van trucks . Champion Tanker Business Group manufactures and sells tank trailers and concrete mixer trucks, and operates strategic brands including “Ruijiang Tanker”, “Tonghua Tanker” and “Shandong Wanshida.” Champion Tanker Business Group ranked first for the five year consecutively in a row in China in terms of sales of concrete mixer trucks, and maintained a leading position in the market in terms of tank trailer products; the urban dump truck bodies manufactured by Urban Dump Truck Business are pioneering in the business of retrofitting of urban dump trucks in China. Urban Dump Truck Business of the Company actively carried out the strategies of joint development with tractor manufacturers for joint design and cross-marketing, keeping a leading competitive advantages during the changes of industry. TB Business Group manufactures refrigerated van truck bodies and dry van truck bodies and operates the “TB” brand, with an innovative spirit and the leading technology research and development level. Through modular product design and professional sophisticated manufacturing, TB Business Group provides customers with high-end products and services, which lead the development trend of the urban distribution and cold-chain logistics industry.

Through continuous exploration and development for years, the Company has deepened an operation model based on “Intercontinental Operation, Local Manufacturing” in line with current global conditions. Moreover, relying on the 22 manufacturing plants and 10 assembly plants of the Company in the world, the Company gave full play to its production and assembly capabilities, global supply chain management and global logistics and distribution, and has formed a transnational operation pattern with core competitiveness.?

The company began to explore the construction of a "Sophisticated Manufacturing System" in 2014, and has fully implemented the "Sophisticated Manufacturing System" strategy by upgrade of "product modules", improvement of "Light Tower" Plants, kick-off of sales and marketing transformation, promotion of organizational development, and establishment of EPS center.?

The Company is also actively building the upgraded version of the “Light Tower” Plant - “Light Tower Manufacturing Network”, uses the newly upgraded production line and equipment to improve production efficiency, reduce product manufacturing costs, realize fully automated, intelligent, and digital production, and effectively link the six major businesses or groups together in the long run, so as to ensure business development. The Company continuously deepened the “Sophisticated Manufacturing System”, consolidated the “new management infrastructure” and actively expanded the innovative business model of “Products + Services + Finance”, so as to promote the steady development of the six major businesses or groups under the intercontinental operation, thus maintaining a long-term competitive advantage.



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