Focus Report: CIMC Vehicles Landed on CCTV's "Focus Report": Practicing General Secretary Xi's Economic Thought and Insisting on Intercontinental Operation and Local Manufacturing


Since the publication and release of “XI JINPING JINGJI SIXIANG GANGYAO” for more than a month, it has generated fever across the country. On July 26, CCTV "Focus Report" made a special report on " XI JINPING JINGJI SIXIANG GANGYAO ". CIMC Vehicles, located in Shenzhen, landed on CCT V's "Focus Report" as a representative of the first batch of listed companies to apply for the registration-based IPO system on ChiNext.


Since 2019, in the process of building a comprehensive reform pilot in the early demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics, Shenzhen has taken Xi Jinping's economic thought as the leader to promote the implementation of comprehensive reform pilot, one of which is the implementation of ChiNext reform and pilot the registration-based IPO system. CIMC Vehicles became the first batch of companies to apply for the ChiNext registration system, and it took only 15 months from the submission of application to the successful listing.

Li Guiping, CEO and President of CIMC Vehicles, said, "The ChiNext reform and pilot the registration-based IPO system has brought a significant strategic opportunity for CIMC Vehicles. In the past year, we have further improved our governance structure and rallied the hearts and minds of more than 13,000 employees worldwide"


The successful listing has laid a solid foundation for the Group to lay out a sophisticated manufacturing system globally. At present, the Group has built 22 "Light Tower" plants in China and overseas, which represent the benchmark of sophisticated manufacturing.?

In 2021 , CIMC Vehicles achieved an output value of RMB26.7 billion, further consolidating its position as the world No. 1 in the global semi-trailer industry, as well as the No. 1 in the domestic specialty vehicles industry.


Li Guiping pointed out that in the "XI JINPING JINGJI SIXIANG GANGYAO", the General Secretary put forward the concept of developing an open economy at a higher level. While insisting on optimizing the efficiency of intercontinental operation, we actively lay out local manufacturing and aspire to be permanently rooted in the local market.