CIMC Vehicles Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement With China West Construction Group To Contribute To the High-quality Development of the Logistics Industry


?On July 6, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between CIMC Vehicles and China West Construction Group Co., Ltd. was officially held in Chengdu, Sichuan. As representatives of their companies, Mr. Wang Zhujiang, Senior Vice President of CIMC Vehicles Group and CEO and President of the Champion Tanker Business Group, and Mr. Bai Jianjun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of China West Construction Group signed the agreement. Against the backdrop of building a national unified market, both parties forged a strong alliance and it will achieve complementary advantages and mutual benefit.?


Mr. He Xiansong, New Retail Director of CIMC Vehicles Group, Ms. Chen Weili, Director of Strategic Customer Department of the Qiangguan Business Group of CIMC Vehicles, and relevant personnel from the New Industry Development Department, Operation Management Department, Southwest Company and Centralized Procurement Branch of China West Construction Group attended the signing ceremony.

Prior to the signing ceremony, CIMC Vehicles and China West Construction Group had established cooperation in mixer trucks and others, which has laid a good foundation for their cooperation. With the signing of the current strategic cooperation, both parties will continue to enhance strategic synergy, achieve complementary advantages and mutual benefit, jointly promote the development of the logistics industry, and contribute to China’s "dual-carbon " strategy and the high-quality development of enterprises.