The First Project of Shenzhen Bay Angel Fund Phase III Was Contracted, CIMC Vehicles Applied Technology To Lay The Foundation For Industrial Development


On the afternoon of 19 May, Shenzhen Bay Angel Phase III Venture Capital Partnership successfully held its 2021 Annual Fund Conference and the First Project Signing Ceremony in Shenzhen. Ms. Mao Yi, Vice President of CIMC Vehicles and Mr. Shen Jianwen, Assistant President of CIMC Vehicles, attended the signing ceremony.

According to the data, CIMC Vehicles and Shenzhen Angel FOF Management CO., Ltd., Zhenjiang Tuanshan Capital Management Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Shenfubao (Group) Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Toposcend Capital Co., Ltd. jointly set up Shenzhen Bay Angel Fund Phase III on 3 June, 2021. Regarding their proportion to its shareholding interests, CIMC Vehicles held 45.46%; Shenzhen Angel FOF held 35.36%; Zhenjiang Tuanshan Capital held 12.12%; and Shenfubao held 6.06%. Shenzhen Toposcend Capital is the operation manager of Shenzhen Bay Angel Fund Phase III.


The first project invested by Shenzhen Bay Angel Fund Phase III is directed at the new generation of information technology. Founded in 2018, SpinQ is engaged in the field of quantum computing, focusing on the independent research and development of practical superconducting chip quantum computers, nuclear magnetic resonance quantum computing of desktop, measurement and control systems of quantum computing, as well as quantum computing-related algorithms, software and cloud platforms. SpinQ is committed to promoting the popularization and commercialization of quantum computing.