IMC Vehicles Focuses on High-end Manufacturing, its ESG Road Lead Highquality Development


On 27 April, CIMC Vehicles (301039.SZ/01839.HK) published its Social Responsibility and Environmental, Social and Governance Report (ESG) for 2021.The report comprehensively demonstrates the achievements and contributions of CIMC Vehicles in green manufacturing, product innovation, talent construction and environmental sustainability development.

Implementing Green Manufacturing to Achieve Dual-carbon Objective

Compared with traditional plants, "Light Tower" plants employ laser cutting, robotic welding, electrophoresis and powder spraying to replace traditional processes, so as to address the pain points of high pollution and high energy consumption of traditional specialty vehicle manufacturers in the industry, improves the utilization rate of raw materials and production capacity, and reduce the pollutant emission. After years of unremitting efforts, CIMC Vehicles has set a new benchmark for the green and environmental protection industry. Up to now, four of its subsidiaries have won the title of “National Green Plant", two companies have won the title of “Provincial Green Plant", and one company has won the title of “Provincial Model Enterprise for Green Supply Chain”.


Technological Innovation Supports the Promotion of New Energy and Lightweight Products

Taking Lingyu Automobile, a subsidiary of CIMC Vehicles as an example. It comprehensively promoted the key project of “replacing oil with electricity”, successfully developed pure electric concrete mixer trucks. It comprehensively promotes the key project of "oil to electricity" and successfully develops pure electric concrete mixer trucks. Compared with similar fuel vehicles, the cost of electricity consumption is about 50%, less than that of fuel consumption. Its "zero" emission and low noise of vehicle operation effectively reduced the impact of vehicle operation on the environment. In terms of lightweight vehicles, CIMC Vehicles also took the lead. Among the 2022 new products of Ruijiang Tanker, the new generation of stainless steel liquid tank trailers rely on the comprehensive optimization of structure, design, performance and technology to achieve the lighter and safer characteristics. The weight of the fully-assembled vehicle broke the industry's lightest record.


In recent years, the Group has increased its R&D investment in advanced technologies globally, as well as the introduction and incubation of advanced R&D methods and manufacturing technologies to continuously improve the Company’s independent innovation capabilities and core competitiveness. The main research and development achievements of CIMC Vehicles in 2021 include new curtain-side trailers, new bulk gain tipper trailers, intelligent milk tank semi-trailers, and intelligent aluminum alloy horizontal dry bulk tank trailers.


Optimizing the Talent System and Constructing the Competitiveness of Enterprises

CIMC Vehicles deepened the school-enterprise coo peration and continued to provide the "Scholarships and Grants of CIMC Vehicles". Meanwhile, CIMC V ehicles has successively launched the "2025" and " Global Operations” talent training programs to recru it outstanding recent graduates to the Group. In add ition, the "Senior Leadership Training Program" has been launched to train senior leaders for Made in C hina 2025. At present, the company has offered two courses in the senior leadership training program. Many employees have graduated early from the se nior leadership training program and become the co re business executives of the Group.



In order to better realize the long-term development of enterprises, more attention should be paid to the balance between commercial value, social value an d environmental value. In the future, CIMC Vehicles will continue to improve the ESG governance syste m, achieve high-quality development, and contribut e to realizing the vision of "Made in China 2025".