Supporting the Beijing Olympic Winter Games, CIMC Vehicles Reveals a Variety of Robust Equipment


On the evening of February 4th, the 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games was officially launched. Athletes from across the world had arrived with dreams of success and the international skiing event commenced. As a world leader in the sophisticated manufacture of semitrailers and specialty vehicles, CIMC Vehicles showcased its innovation by providing snow waxing trailer chassis systems, refrigerated van truck and ultra-durable equipment to support preparations for the Olympic Winter Games kick-off and the event itself.


In the snow waxing trailer chassis systems it provided, CIMC Vehicles’ advanced technology helped power the Olympic Winter Games. A snow waxing trailer is a specialty vehicle for waxing the ski boards of athletes. This was the first-ever wax trailer to be designed in China and when delivered it attracted considerable attention. This snow waxing trailer was drawn by a Sinotruk Yellow River tractor. The trailer frame was independently designed and manufactured by Qingdao CIMC Special Vehicles Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Qingdao CIMC Special Vehicles") to meet the highest loading requirements, with safety and reliability being a major part of its performance advantage.


CIMC Vehicles also delivered 66 refrigerated food van trucks which made every effort to ensure Olympic meals were efficiently distributed. In addition to the snow waxing trailer chassis system, CIMC Vehicles also helped the Olympic Winter Games with its cold chain food transportation. Shandong CIMC United Distributor, a subsidiary of CIMC Vehicles, delivered 66 refrigerated delivery van trucks to the Beijing Olympic Winter Games which served food to the athletes each day on site. The Beijing Olympic Winter Games Organizing Committee set extremely high standards for the delivery of meals. Shandong CIMC manufactures the TBG product series. As these are so well trusted by customers, Shandong CIMC was selected to provide catering trucks for the Olympic Winter Games because of their environmental friendliness, odorless storage, compliance, high-thermal insulation levels, and well-designed features.